Even if it has not been too long since you have had roof work done,
you need to ensure that you keep it in the best shape as possible.
Roofs are a pretty sturdy part of your structure, but there are
elements and factors that can cause the quality and life of the
roof to fade.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about trees.
Normally when people think of  some cons of having trees on
a property the issue arises of the left over fallen leaves in the fall.
But trees can cause more headache than  just clogged gutters if not
properly monitored.
Trees of all types are a beautiful addition to a property. However,
if not planned right or kept in check they can be a nuisance to a
roof not only the damage from falling limbs and branches but also
they can cause abrasions to your roof and siding if they hang too
close to your home.
Excessive shade from trees can prevent your roof from drying
properly which can cause moss growth on your home including
your roof. Depending on the type of roof you have, this moss and
algae growth can shorten the life of your roof significantly.

Another problem with having tree growth
too close to your home is that it provides
an easy path for animals to create problems,
building their own homes, damaging wiring
and structures and even parts of your roof
when the animals attempt  to enter your

So now is the time to evaluate existing trees on your property.
Look for overgrowth, broken or loose limbs, proximity to your
home, etc. Upon your inspection, If  it appears a future problem
could occur, it’s best to take care of it as soon as you can.
If you discover that damage has already started, this also needs to be
handled very quickly before the problem worsens and becomes more
costly to fix.
Please remember that trees can actually increase the
value of your property if they are planned and maintained just right.
They can also cause an unplanned expense.

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Photo Credit – Gilles Gonthier – Squirrel On Roof
Photo Credit – Deb Collins – Branch On Rooftop
Photo Credit – Mike Renlund – Damaged Roof